Health Education

We all know of the term “Health is Wealth” but ironically we don’t invest much of our time and energy in knowing and taking care of our body needs as per its signals, body aging and other necessary requirements.

GKSF thus has taken a special endeavor along with various other initiatives to educate masses on Health and awareness especially of Kidney as a Vital organ of our body. Kidney, not only releases waste from our body but also helps regulate blood pressure, acid base balance, sugar balance etc.

GKSF regularly organizes Health Camps both in Rural and Urban areas covering three states i.e Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. which sensitizes the masses about the importance of Kidney as an organ.
We regularly organize Educational Campaigns, Health Seminars and Awareness (for free) in which we also have Talk Shows by renowned doctors. Such initiatives help people understand the need for care, the symptoms if any ailment occurs and the available treatments with GKSF under their various charitable initiatives.