GLOBAL KIDNEY STONE FOUNDATION humbly requests you to donate generously to strengthen our goal to provide professional lithotripsy services to the patients at doorstep. You can:



In the high speed life of today one the most valuable asset for each one of us is our “TIME”. We at GKSF Urocare invite you to come and spare some time and support us to plan and execute our medico-social activities, a step towards a healthier nation.

The question that might be raised in your mind is that how can one donate time?

For what activities can you donate your time? Who can “Donate Time”?

Your little will also make a big difference.

• 1 Hour/Week
You can design an input for us, May it be awareness material, poster design, leaflets, an article, jingle etc.

• 2 Hours/Month
You can join us for our program as volunteer or floor coordinator.

• 1 Day / Month
If you have one day to spare you can join us for a camp in one of the rural (remote) locations and help us facilitate smooth functioning.

• 1 Hour/ Month
You can help us in counseling the patients about kidney stones and its care and thus create awareness.

• 1 Minute in a lifetime!!
You can share about GKSF with your contacts and friends this might help someone who needs such a treatment. [CREATE AWARNESS].


It is said that MONEY can’t buy you everything, but a small contribution from your pocket can provide someone relief from severe pain due to kidney stones and other urological problems. By contributing to us you can support these patients who are unable to afford the treatment for kidney stones.

GKSF Urocare periodically organizes Free Diagnostic Camps. A lot of people have benefited from them till date and we wish to serve many more in Gujarat, India & overseas.

If you wish to donate, here are a few verticals under which you can contribute.


1) Treatment cost

       You can donate money for the partial or complete treatment of one or more patients. (From specific geographical location if you wish!)

2) Support the maintenance of the Mobile van

      You can support the cost of upgradation of the mobile lithotripsy machine & mobile urodynamic van + equipments from time to time.
– Monthly
– Quarterly
– Half yearly
– Annually

3) Help us spread the mission. You can help us with the cost of creating awareness by donating for any of the below mentioned awareness material.
– Printing Awareness Leaflets
– Print / Digital campaigns
– Give away to all the attendees of the free camp.

4) Support for awareness meet.
If you wish you can sponsor a camp (Venue cost Audio/visual cost, Human Resources etc) at the rural/urban/semi-urban

Dr Ketan Shukla (Director GKSF & Urologist) is regularly visiting Shirdi for serving patients in need. He has performed many surgeries without taking any professional fees.

Thousands of patients there have been treated and it’s an ongoing mission, you are most welcome to join!



Do you feel such activities are needed in the society?
Do you think you too can make a difference in someone’s life?
Do you think OUT OF THE BOX?
Do you have some amazing ideas on how we can take this mission to more people?

We would be happy to get connected to you and try our best to implement that idea for a better tomorrow.


Whether your talents involve capturing pictures, shooting video , graphic designing, coding and app development, event management, or something else that you’re really good at, We at GKSF Urocare welcome you to put your talents to good use by joining hands with us and contributing to a greater cause.

For further details Please Write to us at Or call : +79-40073480, +91-93280 05510